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Bulletin Board Notes

 Tuesday, June 12th —

It is so hard to believe that this is our last class.  The year flew by.  Thank you all for everything you have done to make our class special.  Without you, nothing is possible.  Thanks, most of all, for sharing your children with me.  I will miss them more than I can say.

Today, is a last chance to play with favorites.  We’ll choose leis for our luau.

Please join us at 10:30 am for our Luau.  We’ll have some snacks and watch the children play.  During the last 10 minutes, I’ll give out the famous Big Books.  I hope you will treasure them as I do the one Mrs. Farry made for me years ago.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Mrs. Harrison




Get 2 Months for $5!