Mrs Hennings 3rd grade

Practice Test Sites

Websites directly tied to the story we are reading.  Work ahead with your child, and go over the vocabulary.

Stories are in the order in which they will be taught. 

1. Officer Buckle

2. Nate the Great

3. Allie's Basketball Dream

4. Pepita Talks Twice

5. Turtle Bay

6. Balto the Dog Who Saved Nome 

7. Wild Shots: They're My Life

8. The Olympic Games: Where Hereos Are Made's%20basketball%20dream/alliehome.htm

9. Little Grunt and the Big Egg

10. Rosie the Visiting Dog 

11. Sayings We Share Proverbs and Fables


12. Yippee-Yay!

13. The Talent Show

14.  Coyote Places the Stars

15. Papa Tells Chita a Story

16, Lon Po Po

17. Leah's Pony

18. Boom Town

19. Cocoa Ice

20. If You Made a Million

21. Alejandro's Gift

22. I'm in Charge of Celebrations

23. Surprise

24.  Rocking and Rolling

25. The Crowded House

26. Centerfield Ballhawk

27. Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears

28. Visitor's From Space

29. Armadillo from Amarillo

30. Surprise

31. Surprise

The Stories Julian Tells

No login required but good additional practice