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5th grade Reading

5th Grade Reader's Theatre-

5th Grade High Frequency Words-

5th Grade Reading Practice-

At Home Reading Strategies-

When you are doing your AR reading time with your child it is helpful to have a Reading guide to help with your discussion here are some helpful websites.  Many of these are graphic organizers that can be used before, during, and after Reading.  After completing please send it in so that I may see it and discuss it with your child.


Week by Week Reading Outline 

2nd Week of School- Hot and Cold Summer

3rd Week- Yang the 3rd

4th Week- Dear Mrs. Parks

5th Week- Elena

6th Week- We'll Never Forget You Roberto Clemente

7th Week- Folk Tales From Asia

8th Week- Little By Little

9th Week- Frindle

10th Week- Iditarod

11th Week- Woodsong

12th Week- Island of the Blue Dolphins

13th Week- The Case of the Flying Saucer People

14th Week Thanksgiving

15th Week- Changing Planet

16th Week- Hattie's Birthday Box

Week 17- What's the Big Idea Ben Franklin?

Week 18- Christmas Break

Week 19- William Shakespeare and the Globe

Week 20- Off and Running

Week 21- Dear Mr. Henshaw

Week 22- The Fun They Had

Week 23- Across the Wide Dark Sea

Week 24- Kids Invention Book

Week 25-  Fire

Week 26- Saguaro Cactus

Week 27- Gold Rush

Week 28- Sees Behind Trees

Week 29- Spring Break

Week 30- Everglades

Week 31 Summer of Fire

Week 32- Surprise

Week 33- Surprise

Week 34- Surprise

Week 35- Seeing Earth From Space

Week 36- Black Frontiers

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