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I am Mrs.Herd and I teach first grade at Villa Teresa Catholic School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.   This is my second year teaching at Villa Teresa. I also teach dance classes afterschool.  I am certified in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education in the state of Oklahoma.  I have a bachelor degree in Elementary Education from the University of Central Oklahoma.


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When I am introduced as a teacher, I am usually asked what I teach. When I say, "first grade", I generally hear a very flat "oh". I have never been certain whether it is an expression of pity, sympathy, disgust, or perhaps disinterest. Always, I wish I had the time to explain to them like this: YES, I teach first grade.

WHERE ELSE would a handsome young man put his arms around me and ask "Do you know that I'll always remember and love you?"

WHERE ELSE could I tie so many hair ribbons and belts and daily get to see a style show of pretty dresses and shirts?

WHERE ELSE could I walk up and down aisles and have little warm hands reach out to me?

WHERE ELSE could I have the privilege of wiggling loose teeth and receive the promise that I may pull them when they are loose enough and sometimes I do.

WHERE ELSE would I eat a spoiled piece of candy from a grimy little hand and not become ill? (I have to eat it because he watches me to see that I do!)

WHERE ELSE would the future look so bright as it does amid an energetic group to whom nothing is impossible?

WHERE ELSE could I guide the first letter formations of a chubby little hand that may some day write a book or an important document?

WHERE ELSE could I forget my own aches and pains because of so many cut fingers,scratched knees, bumped heads and broken hearts that need care?

WHERE ELSE could I forget cares and even "the state of the nation" because Stevie isn't grasping Reading as he should and other methods must be tried?

WHERE ELSE would my mind have to stay so young as with a group whose attention span is so short that I must always keep a "bag of tricks" up my sleeve?

WHERE ELSE could I feel so close to my MAKER as I do each year when, because of something I've done, little children learn to read?

YES, I teach first grade, Mr. and Mrs. America, and I LOVE IT!

-Author Unknown


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