Parent Resources

I often get a lot of the same questions.  I have attempted to answer some of these questions here.  Please contact me if you need more infomation (email is probably the easiest way to contact me). 

How can my child get some extra help?

Before school - I am usually at school by 7:30 (exceptions would be if there is a meeting).  If your student will talk to me beforehand, I will be able to tell them if I will be there.

After school - I generally stay untill 4:00 or so.  Agian - on occassion I have a meeting - I can tell them in advance if a specific day will work.

Study Hall - there is a supervised study hall each morning except Friday, and each afternoon except Monday and Friday.  On Wednesday afternoon there is a math teacher as the supervissor.

Are there internet resources for additional practice?

Algebra 1 - the textbok company has a website called  They have information and online practice.  they are listed by chapter and sections of the textbook.

If your student needs practice in basic skills, there are several websites.

Free rice is a site with some basic practice in Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1.  When you get questions right, one of their sponsors will donate rice to an underdeveloped country.

Wolframalpha is a great site that has a lot of random information, but will also show you how to work problems.  You can type the problems into the box at the top of the page and it will give you the answer.  if you click on "show steps" they will show you how to work the problem.  Please be carefl showin this to your student, they cna use it to be lazy.

Class Zone (from textbook)

Free Rice

Wolfram Alpha

There are a couple of "teacher" websites that I use to get worksheets.  You cna do the same thing.  they also usually provide answers.

Free Algebra Worksheets

Free worksheets from Kuta Software