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2011-2012 School Year




I will email the assignments weekly starting tonight.  I have had nothing but trouble posting to this site what should take 20 minutes takes hours becasue it doesn't always save correctly.

Weekly Assignments for the week of 10/24/11 

Grade 3:


Mon:  pg. 66-67 all

Tue.  w/s r2-6

Wed.  R2-10

Thur.  pg 46 1-33 odd only

Fri. w/s p2-10     

Social Studies:

 Mon:  s/n

Tue:   Lesson 2 87-94

Wed:  w/s

Thur:   lesson 3 pg 96-102

Fri:  w/s


 Mon: Halloween packet with reading  comprehension w/s

Tue:   w/s

Wed: w/s

Thur: Our comparing activity

Fri: Voc Test and w/s


Mon: pg 48-49 St. Dominic Sheet

Tue:  All Saints Day Mass

Wed:  pg 50-51  

Thur:   Review

Fri:       Chapter 3 Open book Test


Mon: w/s

Tue: w/s

Wed:  w/s

Thur: w/s

Fri:  w/s


Mon: Test our Halloween words:)

Tue:  New Words

Wed:  w/s

Thur: w/s

Fri:  Review

Grade 4:

Social Studies4:  

Mon:  139-141

Tue:     pg 142-146  w/b 34

Wed:     pg 147-149pg 150 vocab and people review

Thur:  Capital Quiz review and s/n

Fri:      Capital Quiz hand in Northwest region packets.


Math  4: 

Mon: w/s p3-8

Tue:  pg 126-127 1-32 even 

Wed. pg 129 math lab

Thur.  pg 130-131 all

Fri.      pg 132 9-28                                                                                       

Field Trips for grade 3:

Capitol tour January 11, 2012  Leave Edith by 9:00 A.M. return by dismissal.


Test Dates Grade 3 and 4 from Mrs Herman's class only (Grade 4 test dates will appear with the subject and a 4 after it ie, Math4)

Grade 3:                                                                                                                                Grade 4:

Social Studies                                                                                                                                                    Social Studies:   11/10 project and capital quiz Northeast 11/4 

Spelling  10/31  Halloween, bats, goblins, trick, treat, boo, candy, cat, 

 costume, and party.  11/8  are on the words listed below.                                                               Math 4:  

Reading Vocabulary  11/4


Religion Test:  11/4 open book chapter 3


Vocabulary words for reading: Lesson 1  Grade3 (will stay until we get new words)

Target Vocabulary 8 words

Vocabulary Words: 

crew:  A group of people who work together.

tide: The regular rising and falling of the surface level of the oceans caused by the pull of the moon or sun.

foggy:  Dense water vapor that is hard to see through

disappears: To vanish

cling: To stick or hold tight to

balancing:  To keep steady or stable

stretch:  To extend

excitment:  The state of being excited


Vocabulary quiz will be on  11/4

Students will be given the word and definition they just need to match them up.

Spelling for Lesson 1  Grade 3  (will stay until we get new words)


1. load

2. open

3. told

4. yellow

5. soak

6. shadow

7. foam

8. follow

9. glow

10. sold

11. window

12. coach

13. almost

14. throat







Spelling Test is on  all 18 words and challenge words will not count against their score they will get an extra point for each of the challenge words spelled correctly.