Behavior Plan



Title 1 Behavior Plan

Mrs. Hoffman


I expect all students to:

  1. Bring their folders to class every day

  2. Follow directions the first time given

  3. Listen when others are speaking

  4. Walk in the hallways and Title 1 classroom

  5. Use indoor voices at all times



Consequences for not following expectations:

I will be using a card changing system in the Title 1 classroom. All students will start with their card on green. If they do not meet an expectation their card is changed to the yellow. If another expectation is not met, the child’s card will change to orange. The final color is red. The consequences are as follows:



Green: Your child has had a great day!!


Yellow: This means that a child has not met all expectations and they receive a warning. This also means that the child must be last in line back to the regular classroom.


Orange: When a child has changed their card from yellow to orange they remain last in line back to their classroom and they must also spend a few minutes away from the group to collect themselves.


Red: Red is the last color and all of the above consequences are used along with a phone call or a note home to inform you of the behavior that was displayed in class.


If your child changes their card less than eight times before Winter Break they will receive a reward. Another reward will be given at the end of the year for those students that have displayed good behavior for the second half of the year. I am hoping this will encourage all to be on their best behavior.


I am looking forward to many great days to come. With your assistance and encouragement this process will be very successful.



Thank you,

Mrs. Hoffman