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We are learning.....


We have begun working on letters. We have now learned the letters m, p, f, c, and t. Each day we begin by saying the letter name and sound. We then move on to identifying pictures that begin with the letter wound. At the end of the class period we practice writing the letters that we have been learning. Continue to practice letter recognition with your child at home each night.

Second Grade

We have been working on short vowel words and consonant blends. We are finishing our first book about exploration and we will be moving on to our next book about working together. Throughout the year we will continue to focus on writing answers in complete sentences and story structure. Please remember that homework should be completed by Friday.


Parent Tips

If your child comes to a word that they are unsure of while reading try using the following prompts:

Does that make sense?

Does that sound right?

Does that look right?

Were you right?

Do you know a word like that?

What letter would you expect to see . . .?

What did you notice?

Where was the hard part?

I like the way you tried to work that out.

Try that again.

Could it be ________?

Thank you!

Thank you to those parents that were able to take time out of their busy schedules to attend open house! I hope that it was an informative night and all of your questions were answered. If you were unable to attend open house, the information that was handed out at the meeting was sent home with your child. If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me.