December 2009 


We are learning.....


We have now learned the letters m, p, f, c, t, s, d, l, a and o. We have also begun identifying the beginning sounds in pictures and words. We will soon begin blending sounds together to make words. Please practice letter sounds with your child at home every day. Work on 3-5 letters at a time until your child has mastered them.

Second Grade

We have been practicing consonant digraphs and blends this month. We have also been working on sequencing events in stories. We have continued reviewing main idea and details in all of the stories that we have read. These skills will continue throughout the rest of the school year. Thank you for all of your support at home!

Parent Tips

Children's magazines can be an important resource in any student's reading development. In addition to offering current news and up-to-date stories, magazines can help promote the reading habit through a variety of creative activities. Children who receive their own magazines in the mail will be stimulated to read them on a regular basis.