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February - 2010

 We are learning.....


We have now learned the letters m, p, f, c, t, s, d, l, a, o, r, b and i. The children are now being asked to produce the letter for the sounds at the beginning and ending sounds in words. You can practice this skill at home as well. Ask your child what sound ball begins with. Your child should be able to produce the sound and in most cases the name of the letter that makes that sound.



Second Grade

We have worked on answering questions in complete sentences this month. The children have been taught that they are to use part of the question in their answers. Please encourage this skill at home during homework as well. For example, if the question is "Where did Billy go after school?" the answer should be "Billy went home after school." This is a very important skill that the children will need to use throughout the rest of their schooling.

Interesting Websites


Ohio Parent Information and Resource Center

The Ohio PIRC is a resource center for parents and guardians that want their child/student to do well in every grade and get the best education possible.



Reading Is Fundamental

This link will lead you to many tips and tricks to use at home to help encourage good reading habits.




Here you will find a variety of information from helping your child select the right books to activities to do as a family.



Reading Rockets

This site will assist you with choices such as Reading Together and How To sections.


Important Dates

March 1st – 5th – Book Fair Week

March 25th – Family Activity Night 6:00-8:00

March 26th – No School

March 29th – April 1st – Right to Read Week