Course outline


GRADE 10 ACADEMIC SCIENCE                                                       COURSE OUTLINE

Mrs. Holvik                                                                                                                2012



The following topics will be covered in this course:

  • Chemistry: Chemical processes
  • Biology: Tissues, organs and systems of living things
  • Physics: Light and geometric optics
  • Earth and Space Science: Climate change



Course Evaluation:  You will be evaluated using a variety of techniques with respect to the areas of knowledge, inquiry, communication and making connections among science, technology, society and the environment.  Your final mark is a result of:


Quizzes                                  10%

Tests                                     30%

Assignments and labs             30%

Final exam                              30%    




Equipment Needed:  To bring EVERY DAY!

  • Three-ring binder for notes and handouts etc.
  • Lots of paper!
  • Ruler, pencils, pencil crayons, blue or black pen
  • A simple calculator, a protractor



Assignment and Test Policies:


  1. Any assignments that are not completed by the due date will result in mark deductions.  Homework assignments that are taken up in class or that have been marked and returned may no longer be handed in for marks.  Check the daily record to make sure you haven’t missed handing things in.


  1. If you are absent from a class, you must catch up on the work that you missed as soon as possible.  Ask to borrow notes from a classmate so that you may copy them, either by hand, or using a photocopier on your lunch hour.  Find any missed handouts on the shelves where they will be placed.  Ask the teacher (at an appropriate time during the period) for any missed assignments, as you are still responsible for completing work for which you were away.  The phrase “but I wasn’t here for that!” indicates your own failure to catch up on missed work.


  1. Students are expected to be present for all tests.  If you know that you will be absent on the day of a test or due date (appointment, etc.) you MUST make arrangements BEFORE that date. If you have a valid absence on the day of a test or project due date, you will usually be required to write the test or hand in the project on the day that you return.



Classroom Expectations


The Rights of All

To be in an environment where you can get work and learn

To feel safe and to be safe


Rules for All

Respect the rights of others

Respect the property

No cell phones turned on or visible in class

No food in class


**If you feel like your class rights are not being respected, either by me or another student, please speak with me about it or leave a note on the front bench.**