Word equations questions

Word Equations


1.What is the purpose of writing a word equation?




2. Examine the following word equation:


propane  +  oxygen à  carbon dioxide  +  water


a.    List all the reactants in this reaction

b.    List all the products in this reaction

c.    What does the arrow mean in the word equation?


3. Write word equations for the following reactions:

a.    CaCl2 and Na2SO4 react to form CaSO4 and NaCl

b.    BaCO3 reacts when heated to produce BaO and CO2

c.    AgNO3 reacts with KCl to produce AgCl and KNO3


4. Write word equations to represent the following chemical reactions:

a.    Carbon dioxide and water are produced in human cell respiration.  The reactants are sugar and an important gas that humans need to survive.

                b.  Stalactites form in caves when calcium bicarbonate reacts to form calcium carbonate, water, and carbon dioxide