Serial Killer Project

Project Overview

You will research the historical attributes of a specific serial killer, create a PowerPoint presentation, and then present your report to the class.


1. The Research:

You will select one serial killer from the following list or other with teacher approval:


David Berkowitz                    Ian Brady                                Myra Hindley

Ted Bundy                              Albert Fish                              John Wayne Gacy

Ed Kemper                              Charles Manson                      Richard Ramirez

Peter Kurten                            Henry Lee Lucas                     John Christie

Ed Gein                                   Jeffrey Dahmer                       Albert Desalvo

Andrei Chikatilo                     Ted Kaczynski                        Mary Ann Cotton

Marybeth Tinning                   Nannie Doss                            Dorothea Puente

Jack the Ripper                       Fritz Haarmann                       Wayne Williams

Nicolas Claux                          Arthur Shawcross                   H.H Holmes

            Vlad Dracula


Research specific questions about your serial killer:

  1. What was their childhood like?
  2. Were there any precursors? Did childhood behavior reflect problems?
  3. What was their adult life like? Did they finish high school/college?
    Did they marry? Have children? Were they loners?
  4. Were they ever diagnosed with a mental disorder? Did they ever receive treatment?
  5. What was the nature of their crimes? What was the time span for their crimes? How many victims?
  6. What was their behavior like when they were caught?
  7. Were they found capable to withstand trial?
  8. What were they charged with and sentenced to?
  9. Are they still alive? Or did they die differently than their sentence?


*You must use a minimum of five sources, two of which must NOT be web sites.*


2. The PowerPoint


Your PowerPoint needs to contain the following:

            A minimum of 15 total slides.

            A minimum of five photos – one of which must be the person you are researching.

            Answer (in some form) the questions that you are researching.

            A list of references.


3. The Presentation


The presentation needs to be 8 to 10 minutes in length, and every member of your group needs to share in speaking


4. The rubric



Max. Points

Points Earned


Minimum 15 slides in PowerPoint



Picture of Serial Killer



4 additional pictures/video clip



Complete answers of main questions (DETAILED description of method or procedures used by killer)



Bibliography (last slide)



Presenters are able to field questions from audience



Presenters demonstrate knowledge at expert-level



Presentation is conversational, rather than “read”.



Required time



Productive use of class time