Lab Report Format

Type your lab report in 12 point type and double space the lab report.

Include a title, hypothesis (if appropriate), purpose, materials, procedure, data/results and conclusion. 

The title should describe the reason for doing the lab in a short phrase.

The hypothesis, if needed, should be your educated guess about what you would observe in the lab.

The purpose is important and should be a paragraph describing why you are doing the lab and what you hope to accomplish.

The materials is a bulleted list of items you physically used in the lab.

The procedure tells a step-by-step process of what you did during the lab, in order, and should allow someone else to follow your steps.

The data/results should include numbers with units, graphs and tables to describe your data.

The conclusion is the most important part of your lab report and should be at least a paragraph.  It should restate the purpose of your lab, the results and whether you accomplished your purpose by doing the lab.  You should explain errors in your results and whether you should do any additional work.

Please look at my research poster in the classroom for ideas for your lab report.