Forensic Entomology Poster Assignment

  1. Draw the lifecycle of the blowfly – use the textbook or the internet. ____________/_____

    2. Draw or make a computer-generated graph for:

    a) Days vs Frassballs for Hornworm ____________/_____

    b) Days vs Length for Hornworm ___________/_____

    c) Days vs Mass for Mealworm __________/______


        d) Days vs Length for Mealworm _________/______


3. Explain what you learned about insect lifecycles from growing insects. Explain the life stages of your insects and how knowing the life cycles would be helpful to solve a crime.

    3. Explain what a forensic entomologist does at the crime scene _________/_____

    (use the death scene fill-in for help)


    4. Explain what a forensic entomologist can tell about a crime from insects ________/____

    (use your memory from Crime Scene Creatures DVD and information provided on handouts)

Explain the following concepts in your paragraphs: Accumulated Degree Days, drugs and toxicology, body placement and movement, wounds on the body.

TOTAL SCORE__________________/_____


Use these websites to help you research for your poster:   search for forensic entomology