Mrs. Hyland's Class

Welcome to Mrs. Hyland's Second Grade Website 

    What We’ve Been Doing
    The students in Room 27 have been busy in the month of December. We have begun a new theme in Reading called Around Town. The stories in this theme are about the people and places that make up a community. We have been discussing what it takes to make a community successful.
    In Math, we are practicing many strategies to solve two-digit addition problems. Students have also been exploring measurement, temperature, and more practice with money and making change.
    In Science, we are studying animals and their habitats. We are spending time in computer lab to research animals. In Social Studies, we are learning about how holidays are celebrated around the world and we are writing about our own holiday traditions.

December Reading Logs should be passed in before vacation on December 22nd.
Math Wonders Logs should be filled out every time your child practices math at home (including homework)!

Thank You!
Thank you to everyone who has donated snacks, tissues, and other supplies to the classroom. Your contributions are very much appreciated. We can always use them!

    The class has once again filled the compliments marble jar. We will vote on Friday to determine their reward!

    I would like to compliment the class on improved homework effort and responsibility. In the month of November, the number of students who had perfect homework doubled the total in October. I’m hoping for even more students to join the perfect homework club this month!
    Many students are also sharing with me that they are practicing math facts at home. We have started weekly math facts quizzes, so the practice at home will continue to make a difference. Keep up the great effort at home!

    Happy holidays, and enjoy the upcoming vacation week!