Classroom Syllabus/Contact Me

I expect each 6th graders to be successful here at McCombs Middle School and, more importantly, later in life.  My guidelines for this success and the principles by which my classroom will operate are that each student should be caring, respectful, and responsible.  I intend to foster a learning community in which these ideals can be reached.  The connection between school and home is extremely important and I look forward to working closely with parents and guardians this year.
Be Prepared: You are expected to arrive on time to class with a planner, spiral notebook used only for Reading and Language Arts class, pencil, independent reading book, folder, and completed assignments.
Daily Assignments: You are expected to enter the classroom quietly, sit in your assigned seat, fill out your planner, and begin your daily warm-up activity.  You are required to be in the classroom by the time the bell rings or you will be counted tardy.  If you are counted tardy three or more times for class, you will receive an office referral.
Planners: You are expected to fill out your planner every day for Reading and Language Arts. You should record what we complete in class, as well as homework assignments and due dates for projects.  Your advisory teacher, as well as content area teachers, will be checking your planner on a daily basis. Homework: You are expected to do the majority of your course work in the classroom. You will be given time to do independent practice. If you do not finish the assignment in the allotted amount of time, you are expected to take it with you and finish during your advisory period of at home.Independent Reading: Research shows that reading at your independent level has an enourmous positive impact on your growth as a reader. You are expected to be reading a book. You will have an opportunity to check out books from the school library as well as from my classroom library. You should have this book with you each day and also be reading it at home a minimum of 30 mins 3-5 nights per week. You will also be given time during your advisory class to read. I will keep track of the books you are reading and how quickly you are progressing through them.
Absent Work: In the case of an excused absence (sickness, family emergency, appointment, etc), it is your responsibility to copy a friend’s planner and check the “Make-Up Work Tray” in the classroom for missing assignments.  Be sure to ask questions after class if you do not understand the expectations; YOU are responsible for getting your missing work.
Pass to Leave Room: You will receive few passes to the bathroom, drinking fountain, and locker per week in all of your classes.  You will need to write a pass in your planner on that date and ask the teacher for a signature and permission to leave.  You must sign out on the sheet provided at the back of the classroom whenever you leave and sign-in when you return. 
Grading: Time spent in Reading and Language Arts will be based on 4 important component
  • Fluency- the ability to read text aloud with appropriate speed, accuracy, expression, and phrasing
  • Comprehension- understanding what one reads
  • Word Work- the way that words are formed as well as spelling and vocabulary
  • Writing- communicating ideas with others through written forms
All activities and assignments will fit into one or more of these components/categories.
Contacting Mrs. Hyslope: I am available to meet with you anytime after school from 2:30-3:15pm.  If you need help or have questions, please see me after class to set up a meeting time.

StudentsIf you are absent, please plan to stay after school at least one day for 15 to 20 minutes to find out what you have missed while you were gone. 
Parents/Guardians: If you have questions, concerns, or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me.  I am available by phone from 2:30 to 3:15 p.m. each week day (unless meetings are required) and anytime through email (