Homework Policies

I view homework as an essential component to education.  I can teach a new concept during school, and your child might understand the methods taught during that lesson, but to show mastery and understanding they need to be able to show that same level of success out of the classroom.  Parents, I encourage you to look over your child's homework, and ask them questions.  Have them explain their thought process and how they completed their homework. It is when we teach others, that we truly solidify our understanding.


A major goal of mine is to work on your child's time management and organizational skills.  Many of the homework assignments given will not be due the next day, but later in the week.  It will up to your child to figure out the most efficient way in completing their assignments.  I believe that giving them this independence and responsibility allows them to grow and mature into the student they need to be.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding my homework policies.



In 4th grade, your child should be reading 40 minutes a day independently.  This is a difficult task to accomplish throughout a school day, which is why I assign 20 minutes of independent reading each night for homework.  Once google classroom gets up and running there will be assignments that your child will be expected to complete based on their reading at home.  Until then, a reading log will be sent home where students will record the title of the book they are reading, the page they started on, the page they finished on, and the amount of time read.  Reading logs are due on Friday, so parents are asked to sign the reading log on Thursday night.



Expanding your student's vocabulary is another goal of mine this year.  We are trying to use less of "good, bad, sad, mad" as there are hundred of more appropriate words to express their ideas. Their understanding when reading will improve, their writing will become more sophisticated, and they will have a better understanding of the English language.

Starting the first Friday of the school year, students will take their first spelling pre-test.  Any words misspelled will be put on their first spelling list and additional words will be put on their selected from a 4th grade spelling list.  They will have a total of 20 spelling words each week.  There will be three spelling assignments that your child will need to complete by that following Friday.  To start the year, the three assignments will be: 4 times each, spelling stairs, and definitions plus part of speech.  The spelling post-test will be given on the Friday when they hand in their spelling homework.  After they take the test, I grade it.  Then they will take the next weeks pre-test, and words that they misspelled during that day's post-test and that day's pre-test will be put on their spelling list for the next week.  They will also add words to their list to always make 20 words.

After school on Friday, your child will bring home their spelling test so that a parent can sign the test.  Please make sure to then place it back in your child's homework folder, as they must bring it back to school on Monday.

Language Arts Packet

This packet consists of a variety of Language Arts skills that are expected to be completed by Friday of each week.  I have broken up the skills so that they can complete the packet little by little each day. Monday is Mad Libs.  Tuesday they will read a passage and answer questions.  Wednesday is a grammar worksheet.  Thursday they will read an article and write a response to it.  When google classroom is up and running Thursday's writing assignment will be completed on the computer.


They will receive this packet the Friday before it is due.  Do not wait until Wednesday night to complete this packet.  Remember to budget your time!



Your child will be learning essential math skills this year that will be the building blocks to their success for many years to come in math.  Some of these skills are: 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication, long division, interpreting and explaining multi-step word problems, adding and subtracting fractions, adding and subtraction decimals, using a protractor to determine angles, and memorizing their math facts up to the 12 times table.


Students will typically receive a math worksheet each night that will be expected to be completed the night it is given.  Remember homework is not to punish, but to reinforce!