Welcome to Grade 5 :Mrs.Garrett

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer! I am looking forward to this year's class with much excitement. The first week of school,although they are half days,please bring with you a healthy snack(apples,carrot sticks,yogurt)BUT NO CAKES OR  COOKIES OFANY KIND,NO CHIPS,and something to drink.(no soda)

I hope you found the supply list by now and have everything you need for the first week of school.

Please bring with you the printed out math sheets assigned,the books assigned and the think journals that went with them.

All books and workbooks should be covered by the first full week of school.

Looking forward to an exciting year and fun at the carnival September 3rd to the 7th.

God bless


PS See everyone on Tuesday,September the 2nd.Reminder :early dismissal the 2nd-5th