Learning Focus / Important Information / Homework 

Learning Focus for April:

Literacy: Literacy Centers, Guided Reading, Read alouds, Word work, Grammar, Reading Comprehension, Printing, Journals, Silent reading, Reading Logs, 

Reading: Making Connections / Non-fiction texts

Writing: Sentence Writing / Writing Checklist

Math: Geometry -  Addition facts (up to 9+9), 2 digit by 2 digit addition with and without regrouping, 2 digit by 2 digit subtraction with and without borrowing

Science: Simple Machines

Social Studies: Global Communities

Character Matters :Optimism heart 


Important Information!

**Reading and recording in the Reading Log is the single most important thing that your child can do to academically improve in grade 2** 

April 10 - Good Friday

April 13 - Easter Monday

April 22 - Spring Artisan Market (3pm - 7pm)




***Google classrooms will be added to throughout today and the days ahead


***Student computer user names and passcodes will be directly emailed to you today


Dear Families, 


It was so nice to connect with many of you this week. I was happy to hear that students and families are making the most of their time together at home. I would like to share some important information with you to support the transition of our class to an online learning model until such time we are able to return to school. Now more than ever, students, teachers and parents will be working TOGETHER to adapt to learning at home. I look forward to embarking on this new adventure with you!


Google Classroom is the platform that I will use to regularly correspond to students. To access Google Classroom, every student needs to log in with their GAPPS account (their unique school issued Google account). I will send a private message to each parent with their child’s username and password via email. Please use the following instructions to access the three classrooms I have made:


1. Go to http://google.yrdsb.ca/


2. Insert the following information to log in:

Domain: EDU (students and Teachers)

User name: 123456789 (This is an example. Please use the user name provided for your child.)

Password: a1bcdef2 (This is an example. Please use the password provided for your child.)


3. After you log in, click the waffle icon at the top right corner, on the toolbar. 


4. Click on the Classroom icon. If you don’t see this icon, you may have to scroll down and click 

on “More”.


5. Click on the plus sign (+) located in the upper right corner of the Google Classroom screen.


6. Click ‘join class’ and enter our class code: ywwkhkq


7. You should now see our class, Mrs. Safaric’s Literacy Class on your Classroom screen. 


8. Then repeat steps 5-7 with the code: 334djce to see Mrs. Safaric’s Math Class.


9. Then repeat steps 5-7 with the code: 5tzbcls to see Mrs. Safaric’s Stem Class.


10. Then repeat steps 5-7 with the code: 67c4a37 to see Mr. Farr’s Physical Education Class.


If you experience difficulty accessing our Google Classrooms, please email me at janice.safaric@yrdsb.ca and I will provide further support! 


I have also included a few links and videos to help you learn more about Google Classroom: 




I will be including a shared google doc inside each of the two classrooms that I will be checking and responding to daily. Please feel free to post all questions there as I’m sure that many of you will have the same questions and I will do my best to answer or find answers for you. Also, please feel free to email me as I will be checking that regularly too. 


I will be available in “real time” to respond to student/parent questions Monday to Friday from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm. This can be accessed in both the literacy and math classrooms in the shared document that I have created for our use. There is no expectation that all students or parents “attend” my office hours. Office hours are meant to be a drop-in time for students or parents when they know I am “available” should you have any questions.


Lastly, if you have a more preferred email that you would like me to contact you with, please respond to this email with your new one. 


I thank you for your support during this challenging time. Please know that I will do my best to support you and your child as we transition our learning to this new environment, and we will move at a pace that best supports us all.




J. Safaric







Agenda for week of Apr 5 - Apr 8:



*Read and Record

*Return Reading Log and Friday Newsletter



*Read and Record



*Read and Record 



*Read and Record 



*Read and Record           

*Home Reading Log due Monday

*Friday Newsletter due Monday


Happy Reading over the March Break































Please disregard the information below:

Sorting and Graphing quiz

-A review package has been sent home for your child to complete. They do not need to return it to school if they understand the content. If they have troubles with any part of the review package they should bring it to school and show me where they are having difficulty and I will reteach the required concepts. Throughout the week in school we will be reviewing the concepts needed for the quiz on Friday. Please help to settle your child...this is their first quiz and we have done a lot of discussing in class about not stressing about the quiz. I have assured them that I am looking to find out what they know not what they don't know. In other words there will be no surprises on the quiz.I have told them that I will be showing them the quiz on Thursday (to help calm any jitters).