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Grade 2 Classroom News - Mrs. Safaric


Welcome to our class website. Here you will find homework assignments, dates of special events and class news. I will be updating it regularly so please check back often. Homework information will be recorded in the agenda. Please read and sign your child's agenda daily as this is our primary means of communication. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.



Home READING LOGS: Students are expected to read each day for at least 15 minutes and write a comment in their Reading Log. Please initial the Reading Log once they have completed their reading for the day. The Reading Logs are due each Monday so I can review, and then returned again at the end of the day.

FRIDAY NEWSLETTER: Each Friday your child will be bringing home their Friday Newsletter duotang. Please have your child read it to you explaining what we covered in class during that week. Please initial and comment weekly and return the Newsletter duotang every Monday.

SHARED READING: Most Tuesday's your child will be bringing home their Shared Reading duotang. Please have your child read it to you explaining what we covered in class during that week. Please return the Shared Reading duotang by Thursday of that week.

UNFINISHED WORK: On occasion, any unfinished work for that day may be sent home. Students are given ample time to finish their work during class time. If they are not using their time wisely, they may be asked to stay in for recess to complete it or it may be sent home to complete and return the following day.

UPCOMING TESTS/QUIZZES: Students are given plenty of notice before a quiz or test and study notes/notebook are sent home to review. Any review sheets and/or notebooks are due back the day of the test.



Students in our class:

Liam.    Isabela.    Ivan.    Cortland.    Joshua.    Victoria.    Owen.    Wade     Penelope.    Daniel.    Jake.    Jeramy.    Kyle.    Violet.    Ethan     Chloe.    Janet.    Ella.    Elisa.    Aaron



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