Welcome to Mrs. Alexander's 4th Grade Class!


Hello and Aloha from sunny Maui!

I am very excited to be a part of this learning experience and hope that all of you have a great time learning as well. 

I was born and raised in San Diego, California. As a child I always loved the outdoors and participated in every sport imaginable. If it had a ball, I played it (softball, volleyball, basketball, soccer, tennis and golf to name a few). This love of sports led me to become a 3-sport Varsity letterman in high school and eventually to be a part of the renowned Division I UCSB women’s volleyball team.

During my years in college, I would always come home to San Diego to visit family and friends and work at Sea World. This is where my love for teaching children began. I was none other than a costume character! Interacting with kids as “Baby Shamu” “OP Otter” “Sir Winston Walrus” and “Penny Penguin” I gave out more than 1000 hugs a day!

After graduating from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a BA in Psychology and a minor in PE with emphasis in Athletic Coaching, I pursued life in “Corporate America” working for PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) as a marketing executive, which then led me into graphic and web design. One day a teacher friend of mine asked me to come into a 5th grade classroom and make a presentation about scuba diving. I dressed up in full scuba attire (mask, snorkel, bc, regulator, flippers and all!) and had a life-changing experience. I had so much fun with the kids that I decided to change my career goals. I then went back to school and got my teaching credential and M.Ed in Cross-Cultural teaching from National University.

While going to school I was a freelance graphic and web site designer and volleyball referee. During my spare time I had the opportunity to travel to many places (my mother is a travel agent). I has been to all 50 states, Mexico, Australia, Tahiti, New Zealand, and Costa Rica and throughout the Caribbean. 

After graduating from National University, I was recruited from the Hawaii Department of Education and taught Kindergarten for 2 years, Computers for 1 year and Third grade for two years. I now teach high school and college level courses online and fourth grade for King Kamehameha III Elementary in Lahaiha, HI.

My participation in sports and love for computers have always been and always will be a part of my life. I live in an amazing part of the country with my husband Alex, dog Redford, and our son. I have recently obtained my M.S. in Educational Administration and am planning on being a principal in the next few years. My husband and I have our own business creating web sites and graphic design materials for clients. We are also pursuing a new adventure. Since having our son, we are very interested in online early education. We are have started an early preparation online school for kids ages 2-5!

I now surf, wakeboard, snowboard, snorkel and scuba dive more than the “ball” sports but I still enjoy them all!

I check my email regularly, so please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions or concerns. My email address is: fivetenjen@gmail.com I will respond to questions sent directly to my email within 24 hours.