The Reading Corner

In Reading we are diligently working on syllables, sounds, making words and decodables.  We use different methods to make sure that the students understand how to sound out a word, how many syllables are in a word, and how to make new words.  We use the Swipe method (first sound on shoulder, second sound on the bend of the arm, and last sound on the wrist then swipe down the arm to say the word), the tap method (tapping sounds out in the hand with two fingers), and the clap method (clapping the syllables out with the hands) to make sure that our students understand how words sound.  We divided the children into four groups and we see each of these groups for twenty minutes a day.  We cover syllables, sounds, words, and even language skills in these groups.  We also read decodables in a center.  We have stressed how important vowels are to form words.

This week we will be working on short and long vowels, use decodables to ensure the students know the high frequency words and read "The Goose's Baby" to answer the five "W"s about the story (who, what, when, where, and why).  We will also use a story map to review the elements of a story (characters, setting, plot).  We will continue to use small groups to reinforce the daily skills we use in Reading.