Google Docs Submission

1. You must have a gmail address in order to submit your assignments via Google       Docs
   2. You will login to your Gmail account
   3. You'll see  9 gray boxes at the top right
   4. Click on those boxes
   5. Click on Google Drive [It'll look like a triangle]
   6. Once you get to your Drive click on New [it'll be highlighted in blue top left] and    click Google Docs
   7. It'll bring you to a blank document
   8. Type your essay or copy and paste it from a Microsoft Word document in the          space provided [Make sure your proper heading is in the top right corner] 
   9. When your whole essay is typed in the space, Hit Share [its highlighted in blue in    the top right corner] 
   10. Give your essay a title of your name  and share with

*Make sure can edit is selected

Mobile Google Docs Instructions