Mrs. Johnson's 6th Grade ELA Class


Happy 2018 Parents and Students! Welcome to Mrs. Johnson's 6th grade ELA website. This website will serve as a away for parents and students to get information on upcoming homework assignments and projects. However, it is still the students responsibility to be writing homework assignments in their agendas as assigned.



Homework will be assigned 2-3 times a week. Homework will be graded as a participation grade based on completion not correctness.  Any days in which paper homework is not assigned, students should be reviewing class notes and vocabulary words. Students should also spend at least 10-15 minutes a day reading from their library books. Daily reading is critical to building student comprehension and vocabulary skills. Click the Homework tab above for upcoming assigments.

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Classroom Rules & Expectations

Class Rules:

  1. Respect: Yourself, your teacher & your classmates.

  2. Raise: Your hand, your confidence, your expectations

  3. Follow: Teacher’s instructions, classroom procedures and all school rules

  4. Be: Prompt & Prepared & Positive

Class Procedures and Expectations:

Students should come prepared each day with the appropriate school supplies. This includes SHARPENED pencils and paper.  Students will receive 8 restroom passes at the beginning of the nine weeks. These passes are for emergencies only. Once a students is out of passes, he or she will no longer be allowed to leave the classroom for the restroom (unless the student has a doctor's note.)

Consequence Ladder:

6th grade is a big transtition for students. I will constantly reinforce rules and procedures for them. Consequences for continuing to break school/classroom rules will be as follows:

Level 1: Reminder of Rule

Level 2: Warning

Level 3: Lunch Detention/Punish Work

Level 4: Phone Call Home and/or Behavior Report

Level 5: After School Detention

Level 6: Referral to Dean of Students

STUDY!!!!! Students can study WOD (word of the day/vocabulary) on my Quizlet website. Click here to access.

Visit the Student Progress Center to keep up to date on your scholar's grades. 

Click here  to visit the TH Harris Middle School Website for general school information.



I enjoy teaching your scholar! Together, we can make 2018 the best year yet!  -Mrs. Johnson heart