Check here to find out what your homework is each day! 

Well, at least I always remember Monday!

Monday, April 12th: L95 Mixed Practice

          Social Studies Test Corrections

Monday, March 29th: Math Practice Test

          Social Studies Reading Response

Monday, March 15th: L83 Mixed Practice

          Social Studies L5 MID Web 

Monday, March 8th: Pioneer/Generalizations Worksheet

          L80 Mixed Practice and practice math test 

Wednesday, Febraurt 24th: L75 Mixed Practice and Practice Math Test 

Monday, February 22nd:  Study for Social Studies Test

     ISAT Fraction Questions 

Wednesday, February 17th: L72 Mixed Practice

            Social Studies Worksheet 

Monday, February 1st: L70 Mixed Practice 

Friday, January 29th: L69 Mixed Practice

     Reading - Extended Response Graphic Organizer for Killer Whales Passage 

Tuesday, January 26th: L67 Mixed Practice

     Social Studies Lesson 5 Main Idea/Detail Graphic Organizer

Friday, January 22nd:  Finish Science Test - Student can use their books but NOT their parents.  This is still a test! 

Wednesday, January 20th: L 64 Mixed Practice

     L4 and L5 Science Outlines

Friday, January 15th: L62 Mixed Practice

     Social Studies Inference WS

     Book Choice 

Thursday, January 14th: L61 Mixed Practice

      Expository Paragraph 

Wednesday, January 13th: No homework 

Tuesday, January 12th: Study for Self Start Quiz tomorrow

     Finish American Revolution Webquest - click on class project link to find directions

Tuesday, January 5th: Math L58 Mixed Practice

     Social Studies - Read "Paul Revere's Ride" 

Monday, January 4th: Math L57 Mixed Practice

     Science Test Corrections due Tuesday

     Social Studies Test Corrections due Wednesday

     Book Project Assigned - book choice due Friday January 15th,

     presentation due Monday, February 4th

Monday, December 14th: Math L53 Mixed Practice

     Social Studies MID for Lesson 2 and label a map of the NE 

Wednesday, December 9th: Reading - Summary or Think & Compare Questions for Mystic Horse 

Sorry I have been  behind on updating homework.  I will try to get back into the habit:)

Thursday, November 19th: Math L44 Mixed Practice

   Science Ch1 Study Guide

   Social Studies Ch 4 L3 MID Pyramid due Monday

Wednesday, November 18th: Math L43 Mixed Practice

   Science L5 Outline 

Tuesday, November 17th: Math L42 Mixed Practice

   Frayers for pollution, drought, overpopulation, acid rain 

Monday, November 9th: Math L40 Mixed Practice 

Thursday, November 5th: Math L39 Mixed Practice

    Social Studies Ch 3 Study Guide

   Frayers for consumer, producer, decomposer, food chain, food web due MONDAY 

Wednesday, Novemebr 4th: Math L38 Mixed Practice

                                               Social Studies Coal Web and label map of SE states 

Monday, November 2nd: Math L36 Mixed Practice

                                         Science Frayers for ecosystem, community, population, community 

Friday, October 30th: Label the SE states (check out the resource page for a game to help practice) 

Thursday, October 29th: Math L35 Mixed Practice

                                          Science Lesson 3 Outline

                                          BOOK PROJECT DUE TOMORROW! 

Monday, October 26th: Math L32 Mixed Practice 

Thursday, October 22nd: Frayers for genus and species

                                           Math Test Corrections

Wednesday, October 21st: Study for Social Studies test 

                                              Frayers for kingdoms and traits 

Tuesday, October 20th: Social Studies Study Guide

Monday, October 19th: Math L30 Mixed Practice

                                      SW Today Web                                                 

Friday, October 16th: Math L29 Mixed Practice

                                     Science Chapter 1 Lesson 1 Outline

Thursday , October 15th: Math L28 Mixed Practice

                                             Social Studies Cowboy Comparison

                                             Science Frayers for tissue, organ, system, organ system 

Wednesday, October 14th: Math L27 Mixed  Practice

                                        Book Project Due October 30th 

Tuesday, October 13th: Lots to do tonight!  Math L26 Mixed Practice

                                       Social Studies - Fill in timeline dates from chapter 2 lesson 1

                                       Science Frayer Vocabulary Sheet for:

                                        cytoplasm, cell wall, mitochondrion, chloroplast

Thursday, October 8th: Social Studies Main Idea Pyramid Ch2 L3

                                        Science Frayer Vocabulary Sheet for:

                                        nucleus, chromosomes, vacuole, cell membrane

Wednesday, October 7th: Math Lesson 25 Mixed Practice

                                            Drawing of a Plant and Animal Cell

                                          Science Test Corrections due Tuesday

                                           Mighty Jackie Comprehension Questions 

Monday, October 5th: Math Lesson 23 Mixed Practice 

                 Frayer Graphic Organizer for cell

                 Social Studies Test Corrections (must be turned in tomorrow to be accepted)

                 Math Extra Credit Opportunty: Book on lines and angles due by 10/16/09

Friday, October 2nd: Math Lesson 22 Mixed Practice

Thursday, October 1st: Math Lesson 21 Mixed Practice

Wednesday, September 30th: Science Study Guide 

Tuesday, September 29th: Math Lesson 20 Mixed Practice

                                             Study for Social Studies Test

                                             Science Ch 6 Lesson 5 Outline 

Monday, September 28th: Math Lesson 19 Mixed Practice 

                                            Social Studies Ch 1 Study Guide

Sorry last week got crazy and I didn't get this updated every night!  I will try to be more on top of it:) 

Monday, September 21st: Science Vocab Cards 

Friday, September 18th: Math Lesson 15 Mixed Practice

Thursday, September 17th: Math Lesson 14 Mixed Practice 

                                              Science Ch 6 Lesson 3 Outline

Wednesday, September 16th: Math Lesson 13 Mixed Practice

                                                  Main Idea and Details for Animals Coming Home to Our National Parks 

Tuesday, September 15th: Math Lesson 12 Mixed Practice 

                                             Study for Continents Test

Monday, September 14th: Math Lesson 11 Mixed Practice 

                                            Continents Study Guide

Friday, September 11th: No homework!! 

Thursday, September 10th: Study for Science Test

Wednesday, September 9th: Math Lesson 10 Mixed Practice

                                                Science Chapter 5 Study Guide

                                                Reading Main Idea and Details Worksheet 

Tuesday, September 8th: Math Lesson 9 Mixed Practice

                                           Label World Map

                                           Science Lesson 2 Outline

Friday, September 4th: Math Lesson 8 Mixed Practice 

Thursday, September 3rd: Math Lesson 7 Mixed Practice 

Wednesday, September 2nd: Math Lesson 6 Mixed Practice

                                                 Finish Social Studies World Trip Page

                                                 Science Build a Volcano - Bring to school by Sept. 11

Tuesday, September 1st: Math Lesson 5 Mixed Practice 

Monday, August 31st: Math Lesson 4 Mixed Practice 

                                    Finish Science Chapter 5 Lesson 1 Outline

Friday, August 28th: Math Lesson 3 Mixed Practice 

Thusday, August 27th: Math Lesson 2 Mixed Practice 

                                      Label the Continents (in Social Studies Notebook)

Wednesday, August 26th: Math Lesson 1 Mixed Practice

                                                      Bring binder and binder tabs for Writing Binder

                                            Think about your name

Tuesday, August 25th: Bring Writer's Notebook supplies 

                                      Bring binder and binder tabs for Writing Binder by Thursday

Monday, August 24th: Me Bags