Helpful Resources

A Probability game 

A decimal game


We have been learning how to type in computer class every Monday and as the year comes to an end the students are expected to know where the keys are without looking.  Here are some websites where students came learn, practice, and play to improve their keyboarding skills:


Sample ISAT Tests: 

We have been working on equivalent fractions in math: 

We have been practicing slides, flips, and turns in geometry.  Click here to practice:

Here is a link for students to play games that practice 4th grade language arts and math skills: 

Here is a link to live on-line tutors to help with any homework questions:

We are studying the middle west states in social studies.  Here is a game to help with memorization:

Here is a fun website to practice your spelling words:

Click on "Find a List" and then type in Courtney Jokisch and search.  My name will pop up click on it and click on the spelling list for this week.

Frayer Vocabulary Graphic Organizer

(Click on frayer.doc and it will pull up a word document explanation.)