Policies and Procedures

Snack and Water

Your child is welcome to bring a healthy snack and a water bottle to school each day to help between arrival and lunch. Please make sure it is something small that they can eat while we are still working without a mess.

Also, please send a water bottle with your child. This really helps in them not having to leave class and miss information to get water at the end of the grade hallway. 


Can be accessed by downloading the Katy ISD OnTheGo app or here  http://katyisdfoodservices.com/



We are unable to have any food brought in, including birthday treats. However, we want your child to still feel special on their day. We will be celebrating your child with a birthday song and they will get fun privileges that day. 



Familes are quite busy these days. We want to honor the time that you need to spend together as a family, while promoting the home-school connection through homework. Our homework will be purposeful and will seek to reinforce concepts that your student has learned in second grade. Optional homework will come home on Friday in their Daily Take Home Folder. 

Some online options: log in information will be in your child's take home folder soon

iStation for Reading Skills

Dreambox for overall math skills 

Stemscopes for Science

We also encourgae our bison to read, read, read. The recommendation for 2nd grade is 20 minutes of at home reading a day. 


Tuesday Folders

On Tuesdays, a folder will come home. It has notes from school and student's graded work from the week prior. Please take out and review work with your child. Please return the folder along with any forms that need to be signed on Wednesday.


We want you to feel conntected and to know what is going on with your child and school. These are ways to stay connected:

Email:  Email me anytime on questions or concerns you may have      jennifernjones@katyisd.org

Conferences: Please feel free to set up a confernce to meet and talk anytime. Conference time is from 1:50 to 2:45. Fall Confereces days designated by the district this year will be Monday, October 7th and Friday, October 18th. More information on signing up will be sent closer to October.

Newsletters: A grade level newsletter will be sent out every week on Friday to keep you up to date on what we are learning and any school wide or grade level events that will be happening. We use the email that is set up through the office, so please make sure this is up to date. You can email our registrar to update. EldaASuarez@katyisd.org or stop by the front office.

Class Website:  I try to keep this webpage filled with all the information you need to know so that you are able to come to it for a good reference.

Twitter:  jennyjones4242 This will be used to show pictures of what is happening in our class or at school. (I have not been very good about this in the past but want to try to make this happen more this year!) 

HAC: Home Access Center is for you to be able to see your child's grades at anytime. As soon as I post a grade you are able to see it. If you are not already signed up for this please let me know and I can get you the form to get signed up.

Phone: Please give me a call anytime during conference time, or before or after school. 281-234-4261


Money Sent to School

Please send money (lunch, field trip, book fair, school store, to replcace ID tag, etc.) in an envelople or baggy labled with:

Your child's first and last name and this is for Lunch Money.

This helps us out a lot in getting it to exactly where it needs to be.


Change of Transportation

Must be in writing and will be given to the front office to handle. Teachers are not allowed to make any transportation changes. Teachers are given a change of transportation slip at the end of the day from the front office.  If forgotten, you will have to come up to the school to change it, or send a a faxed note with a copy of your DL.

Please understand this is for the safety of your child.

Tardies and Attendance



Grades will consist of 3 categories.





Bison of the Week

This is a student who is showing great character, trying their best at school, and has great behavior. 

The Bison of the Week student will take home a poster to fill in and decorate. We also ask that they provide a picture to go on it. If you don't have a picture I can always take one on Monday morning and print one for them. 

The Bison of the Week in our class gets to sit in a special desk that gives them a little extra space and they get to have some extra supplies. They will also get to hand out bison bucks, have their shoes off all week, keep their water at their desk,  answer the phone, and help the teacher out for the week. 



ELT (Extended Learning Time)