Daily Take Home Folder:
Everyday your child should be bringing home their Daily Take Home Folder. Their take home folder is used for sending home what we have been practicing during class. This gives you an idea of how your child is doing on current concepts before they take a grade on it. If you see that your child is struggling with something you might want to spend some extra time with them at home going over it. This folder will also have homework in it. 
Graded Work - Tuesday Folder and Home Access Center:
Tuesday folders go home every Tuesday and will have your chid's graded work in them. These are the assignements that are posted in Home Access Center and will be the grades that make up their Report Card. I try as best as possible to notifiy you if I see that your child had difficulty with a certain concept and their grade was not very good but I also ask that you please check this folder and Home Access Center to continuely see what concepts they are having a hard time with and might need some extra practice at home on. 
We will be sending out a 2nd grade newsletter every week through email on Friday. This will keep you updated on what we will be learning. It will also keep you informed on school wide and grade level events going on.
Please contact me anytime through email of any questions or concerns.
Class WebPage:
I try to keep this updated as much as possible so that you have all of our class information in one spot. If you ever think of something I could add that would be helpful please let me know.
Class Phone:
I am teaching your kiddos most of the day. :)  If you would like to talk about something the best way is to send me a quick email and then I can give you a call after school between 4:00 - 4:30. Sometimes I am also able to call during our daily conferene time 2:00 - 2:40. 
Conference Time:
1:50 to 2:45
If you would like to meet in person to discuss something please let me know and we can schedule something during this conference time (except for Tuesdays) or afterschool from 4:00 to 4:30.
We will also be having a Fall conference with each family in October.


Class Dojo:

I use Class Dojo to share fun things going on in the class and pictures. It is also an easy way to send quick reminders and messages. Students will also have portfolios and can upload pictures of their work or record soemething they have done in class.