Speller's Choice Grading System

Speller’s Choice Grading System

Students need to accumulate four points each week by
doing their Speller’s Choice homework at home. They can turn
in their work throughout the week at any time. All of their
Spelling homework needs to be turned in by Friday. I will take
off ten points per spelling point that is not turned in by Friday.

If a student turns in 4 points by Friday=100%
If a student turns in 3 points by Friday=90%
If a student turns in 2 points by Friday=80%
If a student turns in 1 point by Friday=70%
If a student turns in 0 points by Friday=60%

Students are required to make up all missed points on
their Speller’s Choice homework. If the full four points are not
turned in by the following Monday, students will have to do
their late Speller’s Choice at recess until they reach the
designated four points. Students’ grades are final and will not
be changed after they get their four points. No further points
will be deducted from their spelling grade. Any extra points
beyond the four points required will be extra credit points. So
if a student attains 6 points in a week, the final grade will be

If a student is absent on Friday, the Speller’s Choice
homework may be turned in on Monday with no penalty.