Social Studies Study Guide for Chapter 7

Social Studies Study Guide

Chapter 7

Communities and Their Histories

(Soc. Studies test will be on Friday, January 14)


Every community has a history that is shaped by the people who first arrived there.


An explorer is a person who travels to little-known places looking for land, riches, or other new discoveries.


The explorers had different ideas and customs than the Native Americans, which sometimes caused conflict.


Portugal, Spain, France, and England all traded for goods from China and India.


Services provided by the government include things such as parks, schools, and libraries.


Libraries have all the resources that you need to do your research.


Periodicals are magazines that are printed regularly.


Reference books include things like almanacs, dictionaries, atlases, and encyclopedias.


Internet searches can be done on a computer.


Nonfiction books tell about REAL people, places, and events that are true.


Fiction books tell stories that are NOT true.


Juan Ponce de Leon named the place where he landed La Florida, which means “land of flowers”.


A fleet is a large group of ships.


St. Augustine became the first permanent settlement in Florida.


A locator map is an inset that shows how a place fits into a bigger place.


Culture includes things such as language, clothing, food, art, and music.


Many Native Americans believed that land belonged to everyone and should be shared.


Explorers from Europe believed that land could be claimed by a person. After that land was claimed, they believed they had the right to keep others off it.


The English settlers named their settlement Jamestown after King James I.

In a representative government, voters elect people to speak for them.


Barracks are where soldiers live.


A drawbridge is a bridge that could be raised to keep people out and lowered to allow people to cross the moat.



Bonus Questions (2 points each)


*Why did some countries send out explorers?

They wanted to find a faster route to trade with China and India. Also, they wanted to claim land and gain riches.


*What makes Quebec City a special place?

The French culture makes Quebec City a special place to live and visit.


*What was the job of the first representative assembly?

Their job was to form a government that would work for all of Virginia.