Paws-itively Good Behavior

         Paws-itively Good Behavior  


I Can Do My Best

I Can Listen

I Can Follow Directions

I Can Keep Our Room Neat

I Can Be a Good Friend



We will use the stoplight system


Students can move their names to red, yellow, and green.


Every student begins the day on green.


Green- Top Dog

Yellow- Barking up the wrong tree

Red- In the dog house


We will send information home to parents to keep track of behaviors on a

Parent Communication Log. There will only be a note if the student is on red or yellow.


There will be a parent phone call and/or conference for multiple reds or if there is a safety issue:

(harm to others- biting, kicking, spitting, hitting, inappropriate language).

Repeated inappropriate behavior will result in an office referral.


During the first few days of school we’ll develop a

Classroom Behavior Contract.

This will be student-created so everyone will know what is expected.


Positive rewards include: “Pup Passes” for good behavior to earn:

stickers, prize box, extra choice time, Fun Friday, verbal praise, line leader, or special jobs.