Class Proceedures


Our class theme is Bees. I want each student in my class to feel that they are an important part of our hive!

Bees must work together to make their hive, and all of the bees in it, successful. B.E.E. Stands for Bring

Everything Everyday!


There will be many ways for you to participate in our classroom. A sign-up sheet will be available on parent night.

I greatly appreciate your help!


Please make sure your child’s name is on lunch boxes and inside labels of jackets. This should be in permanent marker.


Your child will bring home a “B.E.E. Keeper” in their “B.E.E. Bag” every day! Do not worry about purchasing a

backpack, we will be using our B.E.E. Bags!

The BEE Keeper is a vinyl folder that your child will use everyday to develop organizational skills and learn to

become responsible for returning items daily. Kindergarten is the foundation for student success, and it is important

 to teach children how to keep up with communications between home and school. This book is a way of helping your

child be accountable for those communications. The focus is to eliminate lost notes, newsletters, calendars, and

homework as well as keep parents and students informed of important events and academic progress. Want to know

what the "buzz" is in kindergarten? Check out your BEE Keeper every day!


Kindergarten fees are $52.00 per student.


Please put child’s name on lunch box.

Lunch - $2.60 (includes milk)


I LOVE parent helpers! Please let me know if you are available to help in the classroom! I would love your help for

projects as well as parties! Please sign up tonight!


Please let me know if you would like to bring anything in to celebrate your child’s birthday. We will plan to have all

celebrations at noon, but I will need advance notice of the day.


Please send a note in the morning informing us of the dismissal time.


Please try to arrive on time! Our school day begins at 7:30. Please make sure your child has had a good breakfast

before arriving at school. If you wish to have your child eat breakfast at school, please arrive in plenty of time for

 your child to eat before school starts. The cafeteria serves breakfast from 7:00-7:30.


Children must have a note from you in order to change their transportation home after school. Please be sure to have

 your child’s car tag number in your car window so that the teachers can see it in the afternoon. We cannot release

 your child without the card displayed in your window.

Kindergarten Dismissal is 1:15. Please be prompt. Any students not picked up by 1:30 pm will have to be dismissed

 through the office.

Super-Stars” is Vena Stuart’s before and after-school program. Forms are available if you are in need of after-

school care.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

You and I have a common goal and that is to make the Kindergarten year a successful, challenging, and special year

for your child. The opportunity to fulfill this experience is very important to me. I look forward to seeing your child

every day!