B.E.E. Keeper & Rules

   A B.E.E. Keeper is a 3-prong folder that students use everyday to learn organizational skills and develop responsibility. It is important to teach children how to keep up with homework, tests, notes, and important information.

This keeper is a way of maintaining effective communication between home and school. It aims to eliminate lost notes, newsletters, calendars, and homework, as well as keep parents and students informed of important events and academic progress. EVERYTHING a student and parents need is in the B.E.E. Keeper. No more lost notes or wrinkled papers in the bottoms of book bags. No more lost homework or missing lunch money!

B.E.E. Keepers are important. They help students establish good organizational skills that can carry on thorough their time in school to help them be more successful! Please take care of the B.E.E. Keeper as it will be used all year long.

What’s the Buzz in the Hive? Check your B.E.E. Keeper daily!


B.E.E. Keeper Rules

1 Keep your B.E.E. Keeper clean. Do not eat or drink while
using it.
2 Take your B.E.E. Keeper home every day and bring it with you to school each morning.
3 Show your B.E.E. Keeper to your parents each day. They will be so proud that you are learning responsibility!
4 Keep your B.E.E. Keeper away from younger brothers or sisters and friends. Do not let anyone borrow, tear or draw pictures in it. Remember, it is yours!
5 Put only papers that your teacher tells you to in your B.E.E. Keeper. Keep other papers out.
6 Use your B.E.E. Keeper for school only. Don’t color or tear any pages in your book.
7 Turn in your B.E.E. Keeper to your teacher each day. Remember, you are responsible for it.