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Hello and welcome back to an excellent 2010-11 school year.  Woodland Park High is a wonderful school and will be creating some amazing opportunities for students this year!

Brief autobiography of Mrs. Kane: Like many other transplants, Colorado is quickly becoming my permanent home. It seems only yesterday when my husband and I packed up from northern California and headed to the Rockies. We absolutely love the outdoors.


Raised in a large extended family, consisting of many teachers, it is no surprise I chose this inspiring profession. As for my background, I have twelve years of secondary teaching experience. The courses I have taught range from English, Speech/Debate, Composition and Rhetoric, and Academic Enrichment. In my free time, I coached Speech/Debate and sponsored clubs like newspaper, Shakespeare, earth and Student Council.

My hobbies range from hiking 14er mountains, scuba diving, swimming, reading, writing poetry, riding bike and watching movies.