Classroom Technology Rules

A.C.S. Technology Rules

Applies to Cell Phones and Electronic Communication Devices

The following rules and policies govern the use of the Athens City School Systems's Technology resources. 

  • You are prohibited from posting personal contact information about yourself.
  • You are not allowed to use school computers and resources to participate in Internet chat rooms that are not related to instruction, 
  • You will not use the school's technology resources to engage in any illegal act.
  • You will respect restrictions against inappropriate communication and cyberbullying.
  • You will use the system only for education activities. You cannot download large files unless approved by the teacher. 
  • You will not plagiarize works you find on the internet.
  • You will take care to protect the school system's equipment from damage and will follow all rules established by the school in regards to use of the equipment. 
  • You will not use the school's technology resources to access material that is designated for adults only or is profane or obscene.

Mrs. Armstrong's Technology Rules

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Athens City Schools Grades K-4 Student-Parent Handbook  2015-2016