Digital Access in the Classroom

Access to Technology

Luckily, in my classroom we are one-to-one with iPads. All students have access to ipads for projects, Accelerated Reading, Station Activities, and many other technology resources. 

There are a few basic guidelines to help ensure that all of our iPads are charged and ready to help assist with learning. 

  • If your iPad has a red battery symbol, please plug it into the charger stand in the back of the classroom.
  • If your iPad should loose it's charge or is not working properly you may use an iPad of a student who is absent. If there is no one absent I apologize and hope we remember to charge when our battery turns red. sad


We have 4 Osmos for our classroom. Everyone will get to use the Osmos once a week. We will rotate Osmos by the color of your iPad case.



Wednesday- Green



Computer Lab

All students in my classroom will have access to the computer lab on Wednesday during our designated computer lab time 1:40-2:15.