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Student and Parental Consent Form


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Dear Parent/Guardian,

The Athens City School District believes that the use of computer networked resources, electronic communications, and the Internet have become an integral part of the educational program. It is understood that all of our computer networked services are provided exclusively for educational purposes; those that are related to the preparation and completion of classroom lessons, assignments and other pertinent school business.

With proper filtering through our Firewall, supervision and education in place, it is still the responsibility of all computer users to make sure they comply with providing a safe and secure learning environment when using technology. All Athens City Schools students are provided appropriate instruction on a yearly basis on Acceptable Use and Internet Safety.

Listed below are the guidelines that our students are to follow:

I will

  • Respect copyright laws
    •  by copying text, pictures and video only with permission
    •  by showing where I found information (text, pictures, videos)
    •  by getting permission to take pictures or video of others.

I will

  • Use the Internet and computers with the teacher’s permission and for the purpose that the teacher has requested.
  • Use the Internet and computers as a tool for learning.
  • Follow online safety guidelines that my teacher has taught me.

I will

  • Keep all personal information private, including passwords, user ID's, home address, and phone numbers.
  • Respect and care for all school computer equipment.
  • Tell an adult if I see anything on the Computer or Internet that is inappropriate or that makes me feel uncomfortable.

I will

  • Be kind to others who I communicate with using the computer or Internet.
  • Use appropriate language at all times, when writing or communicating with others.
  • Tell an adult if I see, read or hear others being unkind.






Parental Consent Form



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Athens City Schools Grades K-4 Student-Parent Handbook  2015-2016