Mrs. Kaulsky’s Kinder Class News 

Weekly Themes: 


Oct. 1-7: Signs of Fall

During our signs of fall week we will be continuing our exploration into the season of fall.  Why is it fall?  How can we tell it is fall?  What do you see during the fall?  This topic continues into our following theme weeks and many fun and educational activities are planned for the time ahead.


Oct. 8-14: Leaves

Our discussion of fall will lead into a discussion of leaves.  Why do leaves fall from the trees?  Are the leaves dead or alive?  What makes something alive? Will the leaves grow back again?  How many types of leaves are there in our community?  Many questions will be explored and investigated in this unit of our study.  Please help your child be watching for leaves in your backyard to bring in to be investigated!


Oct. 15-21: Apples

Part of our fall unit includes a cross-curricular study centered around an apple theme.  The fall is harvest time for apples and the growth cycle of apples is very visually interesting and is a great way to explore all aspects of our educational curriculum.


Oct. 22-31: Pumpkins

Fall is also the harvest time for gourds such as pumpkins.  Many educational activities can be centered around pumpkins.  The seeds can be used for counting and other math activities.  You can compare sizes, shapes and weight of pumpkins.  We will be concluding our fall unit by visiting ‘Mr. Brand’s Pumpkin Patch’ at the end of the month.


Field Trip Details

Retrieved from: on 10-19-08 

Who: All Kindergarten Classes

What: Visit to the pumpkin patch

Where: Mr. Brand’s Pumpkin Patch

When: Thursday,  October 28, 2008; Time: 9am-2pm

Cost: FREE (PTA Field Trip)

Please send your child in pants and tennis shoes with a light jacket for this field trip.  Also, provide a sack lunch from home or you may buy a sack lunch from the cafeteria for $2.00.

If you would like to volunteer to chaperone the field trip please fill out a volunteer form in the school office if you have not yet done so.


Fall Festivity Safety Hints


§       Wear light colored clothing when out at night.

§       Only visit places you know.

§       Stay with a parent when out in the community.

§       Don’t eat anything you don’t know who it is from.





October Birthdays


Alexandria- 7th

David- 16th

Tyra- 24th

Mrs. Snoupes- 25th