Spring 2010 ~ Syllabus and Class Expectations 

Course Title:  6th Grade Integrated Computer Apps.                                             Contact Information 

Teacher:  Mrs. Karin Bernal                                                                              

Course Length:  1 Trimester                                                                                        Phone:   763-783-5393


Course Description:  This course will help develop students to be better equipped as life long learners in our technology based world.  Students will examine how best to interact with electronic information, as well as gain valuable strategies in using electronic and multimedia software and resources.  Specifically, we will be working with computer and software applications such as keyboarding, presentation software, word processing, and spread sheets.  After completing this course, students will understand how to choose among the many electronic tools available to them from an informed 21st century perspective. 


Classroom Expectations:  It is critical to the class that all students are timely, prepared and organized.  I expect that at all times students respect themselves, others, and school property.  Students will be on the computers most of the time and as such they must NOT break any of the rules regarding internet use, tampering with computer systems, and handling the computer that they signed at the beginning of the year.  Any misuse of the computer will result in any number of the following, depending on the seriousness of the infraction: student removed from the computer, parents called, student detention, student discipline writing, conference with the dean of students, ISS.


Class assignments and homework:  Class work will consist of daily computer activities, such as keyboarding, individual and pair work, group projects and quizzes.  Participation and attendance are very important in this class as most of the work is hands on and explained in the classroom.  It is the student’s responsibility to know what their daily assignment is by paying attention, listening and taking down important notes. 


Make-up Policy:  It is the student’s responsibility to get the make-up work from the teacher when absent.  I will be available before and after school on most days to work with students.  If there is not a computer at home, the school has computer labs available for students to use before and after school, Tuesday-Friday.  Late work is accepted, but at a reduced score. 

Grading:         Class work       60%

                        Homework       15%

                        Quizzes/tests     25%