Unit 1 Study Guide

Unit 1:  Scientific Investigation & Measurement

Study Guide

Test Date:  Friday, September 25th

The Scientific Method

Fill in the Blank

1.  A systematic approach to problem solving is called the __________________.

2.  The first step of the scientific method is to state the __________________ or ask a _________________.

3.  Before you create a hypothesis, you must gather __________________, and is known as the second step of the scientific method.

4.  Before experimenting, you must state the __________________, which is the third step of the scientific method.  A hypothesis is a suggested __________________to a scientific problem.

5.  In which step of the scientific method does the scientist test their hypothesis? __________________

6.  A step by step plan for your experiment is called a __________________.

7.  In an experiment there are two variables, the __________________ variable, and the __________________ variable.

8.  The scientist changes the __________________ variable, and the __________________ variable responds to the __________________    variable.  The purpose of the independent variable is to have a variable that   gets__________________.

9.  A controlled experiment has two different types of set-ups…the__________________ set up, and the __________________ set up. __________________ are the factors that remain the same in an experiment.

10.  In an experiment, the setup without the independent variable is the__________________.

11.  List the 7 steps of the scientific method in order:         








The Scientific Method in Action         

A scientist wanted to see if fertilizer would affect the growth of tulip flower plants.  The scientist put both tulips in the sunlight for the same amount of time, and gave them an equal amount of water each day.  The scientist gave one of the tulips fertilizer and didn’t give it to the other plant.  She compared the growth of the tulip without fertilizer to the tulip with fertilizer.  The tulip with fertilizer was much taller.

Fill in the Blank

12.  What is this experiment’s problem? ________________________________

13.  What is the independent variable? _________________________________

14.  The water temperature responded to the sunlight, this is called the _____________________ variable.

15.  Name 2 constants._____________________________________________

16.  What is the control in this experiment?_____________________________

17.  What would be a good way to organize your data?  A Chart, table, or graph…or all three?­­­­__________________________________________________

18.  Why would you want to repeat the steps of this experiment?_____________          _________________________________________________________

19.  What is the conclusion of this experiment?___________________________



20.  Label the following equipment:  Beaker, Graduated Cylinder, 3 Beam Balance, Metric Ruler, Thermometer

Fill in the Blank

21.  A triple beam balance measures___________________________________

22.  A ruler measures______________________________________________

23.  A graduated cylinder and beaker measure___________________________

24.  A thermometer measures_______________________________________


25.  Triple Beam Balance                                            a.  milliliters

26.  Beaker/Graduated Cylinder                                 b.  grams

27.  Ruler                                                                  c.  Celsius

28.  Thermometer                                                       d.  centimeters 

Fill in the Blank

29.  What would be the best unit to measure a finger nail?__________________

30.  What would be the best unit to measure a small pool full of water?_________

31.  A cubic centimeter is a measure of_________________________________

32.  The name of the curved line you use to read the measure of liquid volume____



33-35 Be able to identify a bar graph, circle graph, and line graph.

36.  On which axis is the independent variable found on?____________________

37.  On which axis is the dependent variable found on?_____________________

38.  Which type of graph compares sets of numbers?______________________