WLE At Home Reading Incentive Program

Students will be recognized for reaching the following benchmarks:  800 minutes-Bronze; 1000 minutes-Silver; 1200 minutes-Gold.  (Mark your calendars!  The first semester Reading Ceremony will be December 2nd, 8am.  The second semester Reading Ceremony will be May 5th, 8am.)  In lieu of collecting reading logs, I am asking that you record the number of minutes read each week (rounded to the nearest ten minutes) in your child's agenda.  Please note that you may count any minutes your child is engaged in reading/listening to reading.  

To see our log of minutes read, click here!  Please let me know if you have any questions!

Homework Booklet

Mighty Math

On the front of the booklet is our math review/preview.  This page displays skills/concepts we will be learning throughout our first grade year.  At some times, your kiddo will be reviewing what we have already learned in class and it will be a refresher to keep them 'sharp.'  Other times, it will be more of a preview, featuring skills and concepts to be covered at a later time in the year.

Passage Reading

Our class will be using these reading passages this year for homework.  These passages will help your kiddo practice reading fluently and responding to text.  There is also some practice with language arts skills, such as nonsense words, rhyming, spelling, and grammar.  This comprehensive resource will help your kiddo meet the expectations of 1st grade.  Below are some guidelines for completing this homework at home.


This term means reading with appropriate speed, accuracy, and expression.  Your kiddo will have four separate readings.  Please DO NOT read all on one night!  It is meant to be spread out through the week.  Record how far your kiddo reads in one minute.  Make a mental note of how far your kiddo reads--DON'T stop them.  If your kiddo reads the entire passage in under a minute, have them begin reading the passage again until the minute is up.  Count the number of words read.  If your kiddo had an error (a word they didn't know or a word read incorrectly), subtract that from the number of words read.  Each day you will administer the same way and ideally your kiddo will read more words each time with fewer errors!

*If your kiddo is reading very slowly, the repeated readings will help.  Let them have some time to use word attack strategies on the word (picture clues, sounding out).  Wait about three seconds before helping them with the word.

**If your kiddo is a strong reader and is reading really fast, encourage them to slow a bit and add in expression.  A strong reader should pay attention to punctuation and change their reading voice as appropriate.

Comprehension Questions

Your kiddo may work through the comprehension questions as it seems appropriate.  You may help guide your kiddo through the questions.  Be sure they find the best choice.  Going back to the passage to help find the answer is a great strategy!  Please be sure to write a full sentence for the written response question.

*If it took your kiddo a while to read through the passage, it is best to wait to do the comprehension questions until more readings have been done.  As your kiddo builds fluency and reads most or all words correctly, they will also be able to understand the content of the passage better.

**If your kiddo reads quickly through the passage, it would be appropriate for them to work on the comprehension questions at any time.

Word Work

On the back of the homework booklet is our Spelling List for the week.  Please practice spelling words each night.  See he list of activities for fun ways to practice spelling words!