States Song

Many of the parents have expressed interest in learning the States Song.  Below are the lyrics for the song and as for the tune, ask your child!

Alabama and Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas

California, Colorado, I like this Ma'

Connecticut and Delaware then Florida is next

but Georgia and Hawaii really are best.

Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa,

Kansas and Kentucky, Louisana, Maine,

Maryland and Massechusettes, Michigan, yay.

Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri and more

there's Montana and Nebraska, I like this score.

Nevada and New Hampsire, New Jersey's really neat,

New Mexico and New York just can't be beat.

North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio and Oklahoma,

Oregon and there's Pennsylvania and Rhode Island too,

South Carolina, South Dakota, ya hoo.

Well there's Tennessee and Texas and there's Utah, I say,

Vermont and Virginia, yeah you've made my day.

Washington and West Virginia and Wisconsin, my friend,

and Wyoming is the last state and we've made it to the end.

We have learned the 50 states and I think they're really great.

Now let's start from the top and we'll try, to sing all the states, let the tempo fly.