March Assignments and Events

A celebration of February Work!

As we begin a new month, I would like to acknowledge the fantastic and creative student work that was done last month! 

Students worked very hard on their speeches.  It was very difficult to choose on 2 to move on to the school level competition.  Students used their voice in their writing which really showed in their presentations. 

We also had some beautiful scrolls that were created, using the Bible Scriptures.  Many students put an extra effort into making them look authentic.

Our Religious Symbol Posters for Lent are currently hanging in the hallway.  Students did a great job of advertising the Season of Lent in preparation for Easter.

The Pencil Crayon Likeness Drawings are amazing!  The students worked extra hard to get the colours blended using pencil crayons only.  We have received many compliments on these already and they are not even on display!

The Complimentary Colour Self Portraits are currently under construction.  Students were able to successfully apply the techniques taught in class and I am very proud of the results!  I can't wait to display these for the school!  There are definately several hidden talent painters in our class! Wink

For March 4...

WRITE TRAITS! Please complete the "Directing Your Own Writing" section of the booklet.  Proofread for any errors.  Due tomorrow.

MATH!  Math Packages are due tomorrow.

SOCIAL STUDIES! Map Words Puzzle and Locations in Canada are due tomorrow.  Most people have finished this.  Please refer to the Many Gifts book for vocabulary.

RELIGION!  Lenten promise journal entry due tomorrow.  Please think about your goal and what you have done and what you can do to help yourself achieve it.

ART RESPONSE FORMS!  The question responses are due tomorrow!  Please make sure that you use the rubric when thinking about your answers.  The written component is an important part of this mark.

For March 6...

MARKED WORK!  Please make sure that you bring home all the marked work handed out today.

ART RESPONSE!  These were due on Wednesday.  Some people did not bring their agendas today so please make sure that they are here for Monday, March 17th.

COMIC STRIP! Please have one here on Monday, March 17th.  It needs to be small and in colour.

CARNIVAL!  has been rescheduled for Monday, March 17th.  Please be dressed for outdoors.


For March 17...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

MATH: Please complete the textbook work for tonight.

For March 18...

Report Writing!  Please review the package for the Report Writing Assignment, handed out today in class.  The students were given an hour today to do research for the person they admire.  The Planning Web is due tomorrow.  We will begin the writing process as outlined in the assignment sheet.  Due: Friday, March 28th.

Comic Strip! is due for tomorrow.  We will be working on this in class.

French!  Finish any incomplete work in cahier up to pg. 56 + puppets.

For March19...

Report Writing!  Please make sure that your intro paragraph is complete.  We will be working on this tomorrow. Please remember the exemplars that we discussed in class.  Your into should have voice, which is achieved by using sparkling vocabulary words, as well as sentence variety.  Make sure you consult your rubric for more info on what is required.

Bible Study!  Please make sure that you have completed your comparison of the 2 Apostles Easter writings, in your religion notebook.  We will be discussing these tomorrow.  You were also asked to explain why one was your favourite. 

For March 20...

Report Writing!  Please make sure that your intro and 1st paragraph are both complete for Tuesday.  We had an hour today to work on the 1st body paragraph and the into swas due for this morning.    Remember to use sparkling words, check for spelling and punctuation errors, and have at least 5 sentences.

Math Sheet!  Please make sure that the math sheet on Fractions is finished for Tuesday.

Globe Work!  Please use your atlas and Many Gifts Textbook to complete the Globe work.  This is due on Tuesday.

Three Trees!  Please make sure that the Religion Response to the Three Trees read aloud is complete for Tuesday.

Have a safe and Happy Easter!  See you at school on Tuesday!Laughing

March 26...

Report Writing! you need to have Paragraph #4 complete for tomorrow.  This should already be complete as you were given a one hour writing period to complete this.  Please review your work to make sure that the reasons why you admire your chosen person are clear.  It should not just be factual but also an opinion piece of writing.

Math Sheet!  Please have your fractions math sheet completed for tomorrow.

Bible Study!  Please make sure that your entry in your religion book is complete.  You need to read the passage after Easter and tell what happens in your own words.

Take Home!  Today the Non-Fiction Text in class assignment was handed back with a rubric.  Please make sure that this is taken home, as well as the Bear Mountain Social Studies assisgnment that was corrected.

March 27...

Report Writing!  is due tomorrow!!! Reports that are not ready and handed in, will not be evaluated.  A new assignment will be given.  Please make sure you hand in your planning web, rough copy and good copy of your report. Make sure that you have included your opinion as to why you admire this person.  It should be 5 paragraphs in length.  I can't wait to read these tomorrow!

Math Sheet!  is due tomorrow.

Social Studies Assignment! The students were given a new assignment today.  The package for this was handed out today with the rubric.  Please remember to follow the guidelines closely.  The due date for this is Friday, April 4th.

Bible Work!  is due tomorrow.  Please reference your Bible for the people who were involved in the Passion Story, to find the answers for the sheet.

March 28...

Math Sheet! is due on Monday.

Religion Sheet! is due on Monday.

Write Traits! worksheets on sentence fluency is due on Monday.

Comic! is due on Tuesday.  Please make sure that you attach the original comic.

Social Studies Assignment! is due on Friday.  Please make sure that the rough mock-up is here in Monday to work on.  We will be using this to begin the good copy.

Have a great weekend....not too much homework this weekend to worry about! Wink

for March 31...please see April pg!