April Assignments and Events

March 31...

MATH!  Pgr. 284 for Gr. 4 and Pg. 275 for Gr. 5 is due for tomorrow

BUS ADVERTISEMENT! Please complete the first page of the package only and make sure that it is at school for tomorrow.  We will be working on it.

SOCIAL STUDIES! Please have your rough work on the mapping assignment here for tomorrow. We will be working on the good copy tomorrow, which is due on Friday.  If you have not already finished the rough owrk, please make sure that it is complete!

April 1...

MATH!  Textbook homework due tomorrow.

BUS AD! Is due on Thursday.  Please have it here to work on tomorrow.  It should be coloured in.

MAP WORK! Please follow the rubric to check that everything is there.  It is due on Friday.  Make sure that your maps are sketches and not traced!

April 3...

MATH! Textbook work for homework

MAP ASSIGNMENT! is due tomorrow!  Please refer to the rubric and project outline before handing this in.

 April 4...

MATH! is the only homework for this weekend!  Enjoy the weekend!

April 7...

MATH! Please complete the textbook work for tonight (Strategies Toolkit)

RELIGION! Please complete "The Church Witnesses" sheet for homework.  The answers can be found by re-reading the Chapter 10 section on Paul and the Witness in the Religion Textbook.

WRITING! Please make sure that the article is complete for the writing package on Heros ("Fireworks Disaster Averted").  Only the first paragraph from the news story on pg. 54 is due for tomorrow.  Make sure you check the bottom of the pg. for what is necessary for a first paragraph of an article.  Please bring in an article for Wednesday with the questions on pg. 55 of the pkg complete. (Who, When, Where, What, Why?) Number 2 is not to be completed at this time.

April 11, 2008

MATH TEST! is on Wednesday, April 16.  The test for both grades is on Fractions.  I have handed out a Math Review Sheet with the concepts that will be on the test.  Please review this for Monday.  We will be doing review activities on Monday and Tuesday.

LANGUAGE POWER! Please complete lessons 49 and 50 on apostrophes and commas.

Several pieces of work were handed back this week, including the mapping project.  Please make sure that you take these things home and empty your bag out this weekend.

PAINTING! Some students asked if they could finish their painting work at home.  That is acceptable, however another painting session will be held on Monday for those who are not finished. 

April 14, 2008

MATH TEST! is on Wednesday, April 16.  The test for both grades is on Fractions.  I have handed out a Math Review Sheet with the concepts that will be on the test.  Please review this sheet. 

MATH PROBLEM! For grade 5, you need to finish the unit problem, which includes a detailed plan of your garden on a 10x10 grid design. The garden areas will be rectangular and the yard will be a 100 square area.  Do not complete Part 2!  Part 3 should be finished for tomorrow with the problems completed for your plan.

LANGUAGE POWER! Please complete the lesson review for quotations and commas.

IC IDOL!  The IC Idol Concert is this evening at 6:30pm.  The doors open at 6:15pm.  The concert runs approximately 1hour and 20minutes.  If you wish to enter a ballot to vote for your favourite, you may bring $1 in this evening or tomorrow morning.  We watched the concert today as a school and it was wonderful, with many talented performances!

April 21, 2008

MATH! Please complete Lesson 1 from the new unit on Measurment.

LANGUAGE! Please complete the headings from the Bridges story.

RELIGION! Please complete the Psalm in your religion notebook and make it personal to yourself.

April 23, 2008

MATH! Please complete math textbook lesson 3 for both grades.

POEM! Please make sure that your 4 line poem is complete for tomorrow.  Remember to use sparkling words and to make the best word choices by consulting a dictionary or thesaurus.  Please also check the requirements off at the bottom of pg. 2

MATH RETEST!  There will be a Math Retest on Monday, April 28th for anyone who scored below 69% (a level 2 or lower).  I will have two study sessions for the retest.  The first will be on Friday at lunch and the second will be on Monday at morning recess.  Please review the corrections that we made today to your test, as well as the textbook for further help.

April 29, 2008

MATH RETEST! We have had a very busy 2 weeks with many activities happening throughout the school.  I have not been able to meet a second time with the math retest participants.  As a result, we will have the retest on Thursday, May 1. Please have any questions ready for this Wednesday's study session.

MAPS!  Please note that the mapping work so far, will be completed in class.  I did not assign homework for this today!

HOMEWORK! There will be no homework this evening!

April 30, 2008

MATH RETEST is tomorrow!  Please review notes from today's study session!

MATH!  Lesson 6 is for homework.

Spirit Day is tomorrow. Please wear your blue and white clothing!