May Assignments and Events

May 2...

MAP PROJECTS! are due on Monday.  We have had 3 long classroom periods to work on this and most people are already finished. If you are finished, please make sure that you check your marking scheme for all 35 components.

MATH! Math Worksheet #1 is due on Monday.

MOVIE REVIEW! on The Incredible Journey is due on Monday.  Please make sure that you have followed the format of the examples given. Your reveiw should include: Why you like/dislike the story, who your target audience is, comparable books/movies, opinion on acting, plot and ending.

RELIGION! "Who is Abraham?" should be answered in your religion notebook.


May 5...

MATH!  THe Math Sheet #2 is due tomorrow.

CANADA POEM! Idea web and rough copy of poem are due tomorrow.  I will be checking for the idea web, so please make sure that it is finished.  If you need some helpful ideas, refer to the Language Arts Textbook for examples. Use your schema! Smile

RELIGION RESPONSE! is due tomorrow.  We will be sharing in class so please make sure that your response is ready to read aloud.  Topic "Why did the people not have Faith in Jesus"?

FOLK DANCE! is tomorrow at the Senior's Residence.

BAKE SALE! will be on Thursday, May 8th.  Please donate a baked food item to our classroom fundraiser for Cancer Research.

May 6...

MATH! The Math pkg is due tomorrow.  Please look over your answers before handing in.  It prevents you from making silly mistakes.

CANADA POEM! is due tomorrow-good copy with illustration

GRAPHIC STORY! The rough copy is due tomorrow.

TWEEZERS! Please bring them in for tomorrow's secret craft! SHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!Wink

BAKE SALE! will be on Thursday, May 8th.  Please donate a baked food item to our classroom fundraiser for Cancer Research.

May 8...

Thanks to all the families who donated baked goods for today.  The bake sale was a huge success and we raised $162.00 for Cancer Research!

No homework for today!!!

May 12...

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers in our classroom!

QUIZ! There will be a social studies quiz tomorrow on the provinces/territories and their capitals.  The quiz will be out of 26 marks. Spelling will not be counted.  Please refer to the study sheet that I handed back last week for more information.

MATH! The math pkg is due for tomorrow. Please remember that perimeter is the distance around an object!

MATH TEST! Will be on Thursday, May 15th.

May 14...

MATH TEST! is tomorrow on Area and Perimeter.  Please make sure that you review the difference between how to calculate each one.

MATH! pkg is due tomorrow

SCIENCE! The KLW on Blood and Circulation is due tomorrow.  Please add as much detail as you can about what you know for this topic. Use your schema!

May 15...

No Homework today! Surprised

Track and Field is tomorrow.  Please remember to wear suncreen, running shoes, layered clothing and bring a water bottle.

May 22...

MATH! Lesson 2 is due tomorrow from the textbook

SCIENCE! The brain KLW is due tomorrow.

SCIENCE PROJECT! Guidelines and rubric were handed out today.  We will be working on this in class and there is no need to bring the project home.  Please bring a duotang or folder in on Monday for research storage.  Otherwise, a paper folder will be provided for you.

TRIPS! Tomorrow will be the Silver Birch and High School Musical outings. 

May 26...

MATH! Strategies Toolkit for both grades

LANGUAGE! 3 Haiku poems due tomorrow (rough copy)

May 27...

MATH! Gr 4: Please complete Lesson 7 from the textbook.  Gr. 5: please complete lesson 6 from the textbook

LANGUAGE! Please complete the intro paragraph for your Canadian Legend.

RELIGION! Finish your prayer to Mary for tomorrow.  We will vote on the top three tomorrow for announcements, as we end the Month of Mary: May.

May 30...

SCIENCE REPORT! is due on Tuesday.  We have had several full periods to work on this and there is no need for anyone to bring it home.  We will put our data together on Monday and review the rubric.

MATH! Lesson 3 sheet for both grades is due on Monday.

LEGEND! Please make sure that your 3 body paragraphs and intro are complete for Monday. Please self edit these paragraphs for word choice and sentence fluency!

Have a safe and happy weekend!