June Assignments and Events

June 2...

SCIENCE REPORT! is due tomorrow! Please review the rubric to make sure that you have everything finished.  Don't forget that you will be presenting a short oral presentation tomorrow as well.

 LEGENDS! are due tomorrow: rough copy.  I will give time tomorrow for typing these on the computer. Please remember to complete the self assessment rubric on your writing.

MATH! is due tomorrow: Lesson 4

MATH TEST! is on Wednesday, June 4th.  I handed out a study sheet today.  Please review the concepts on your sheet.  We will go over any uncertain areas of the test tomorrow.


SCIENCE QUIZ! on the human body on Monday. Please study from the sheet provided.


MATH QUIZ! will be on Wednesday, June 18th.  It will be on probability, using terms such as impossible, unlikely, likey, certain. Please refer to the Activity Sheet #1 which was handed back today, for study material.

MATH HOMEWORK! Please complete the homework sheet from today for tomorrow. 

NEWPAPER/MAGAZINES! Please bring one in for Wednesday.

FOUND POEM! Please make sure that your found poem and self assessment are complete and handed in for tomorrow.

SCIENCE TRIP! The field trip to the scince centre will be next Tuesday, June 24th.  The cost is $15.00 which includes an IMAX film, a tour of exhibits and the bus fees.  Adult supervisors are $6.00.  Please return the note and funds as soon as possible.