Mrs. Stephanie King

Title I Technlogy Lab Instructor, Grades Pre-K - 5


 There are a number of units of instruction the students will be learning about during this 2011-2012 school year.  These units of instruction include the following: 

  • Welcome, Pre-Assessment, Rituals & Routines
  • Computer Basics
  • Keyboarding
  • Technology Ethics
  • Real-World Solutions
  • Internet Research and Creativity
  • Telecommunications
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Graphs
  • What's Inside a Computer

The students participate in a 45 minutes technology lab once a week plus one extra day per month on a Friday.  Each student is provided with a computer and instruction supporting the NETS and the Tennessee State Standards.  The students will also be provided with some excellent software programs used to support learning skills in the classroom.  The standards are divided into six broad categories.  Standards within each category are to be introduced, reinforced, and mastered by the students.  These categories provide a framework for linking performance indicators.   


Computer Technology: Literacy and Usage 

Standard 1.0

Students will understand basic operations and concepts of technology.

Standard 2.0

Students will understand the importance of social, ethical, and human issues associated with


Standard 3.0

Students will use technology productivity tools.

Standard 4.0

Students will use technology communications tools.

Standard 5.0

Students will select and use appropriate technology research tools.

 Standard 6.0

Students will utilize technology problem-solving and decision-making tools.

 Technology Lab Rules

  • Arrival
    • Come in quickly
    • Sit quietly in the community meeting area in the order you arrived
    • move to your assigned computer after the mini lesson when told to do so
  • Be Nice to Computers
    • Always have clean hands
    • No food or drinks in the lab
    • Don't touch the monitor screen
    • Be gentle with the mouse and headphones
    • Leave your area neat, clean and organized
  • Be Nice to Others
    • Help others with your mouth not mouse
    • Keep hands on your computer only
    • Open only your work
  • Requesting Help
    • Green cup -- I'm working fine
    • Red cup -- I need help after I have asked 3 people
  • Internet Rules
    • Stay on approved websites
    • No email
    • No chatting
    • Never give out personal information
  • Dismissal Procedures
    • When you hear the bell, Give Me 5!
    • Save Work/Exit program
    • Straighten keyboard/mouse/headphones
    • Gather materials/trash
    • Push in chair and stand behind it until dismissed
  • Lining Up Procedures
    • When instructed
      • Turn to the right
      • Do not touch any computer as you walk by
      • Walk slowly to the door staying behind whoever is in front of you
      • Walk in a straight, quiet line to your classroom when instruction




Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:35-9:20 Benson Pre-K McFarlin Connelly Rotation
9:25-10:10 McCandless Whittemore Owens Stephens Rotation
10:15-11:00 Cate O'Brien Selvidge Saddler Rotation
12:00-12:45 Mills Goodman Kelly   Rotation
12:50-1:35 Murray Pre-K Weller Miller Rotation
1:40-2:25 Barhite Page Johnson Clowes Rotation