Student Work Showcase

Student Work Showcase

Here are some examples of students' recent art projects.


Students practiced their ripping and gluing skills by creating several pumpkins and, if they chose to, jack o'lanterns, using colored construction paper. 


Students imagined their favorite fairy tale or childrens story and drew a picture to illustrate it. Simple drawing lessons are important during the beginning stages of artistic development because they give children a chance to practice using materials, and it allows them to make different kinds of marks.  


Students explored the artwork of Pablo Picasso. They compared and contrasted his different styles of painting, naming characteristics of each style. Each student created a self-portrait in the style of Picasso. They used pencils and Sharpie markers to create their drawing, and crayons to add color. 


We talked about the first Thanksgiving between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans.  Corn was given to the Pilgrims by the Native Americans, and it was one of the first crops that the Pilgrims grew in America.  The kindergarteners were shown examples of multicolored harvest corn, and they described all of the colors that they saw.  They practiced their cutting and gluing skills when they created their own harvest corn collages. When all the artwork is put together, it becomes a giant field of Kindergarten Corn!