Contact Me

One of my goals this year is to foster greater communication between home and school.  I am providing various ways for you to keep in touch with me throughout this school year.  These connections will support your child's success in third grade.

Mrs. Laura Kleparek

Crissey Office                      419-867-5677

The best way to communicate with me is by email.  I check my email every morning before 8:45, at 12:15 when I can, and several times after school.  If you need me to contact you right away, it is best to call the Crissey office and have them give me a message.  I will email or call you as soon as I can, but please keep in mind I am with students most of the day.

I have also set up a Remind account for our class.  You can download the free Remind app to either a smartphone or computer. Then I'll send you an invitation to join our class. I will use this great communication tool to let you know about homework assignments or upcoming events, and you can use it to send messages to me.  


"We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses."